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Moments of Energy
This gallery of pictures taken at various occasions is presented here to provide a visual impression of the community of Zhan Zhuang practitioners.

Please refer to the German pages for galleries of recent events.
German Chi Kung Summer Festival
7 pictures from German Chi Kung Summer Festival.
Chi Kung Workshop with Sifu Lam
8 pictures from the 2001 Workshop with Sifu Lam in Rommerz.
China Trip 2001
8 pictures from the last China trip to Professor Yu's birthday.
China Trip 1999
11 pictures from the 1999 China trip.

Datong newspaper coverage of Da Cheng Chuan meeting Da Cheng Chuan meeting in Datong 1999 Over a hundred adepts of Da Cheng Chuan converged on the industrial city of Datong to practice their art together and to watch demonstrations by Chi Kung masters and other senior practitioners.
Professor Yu Yong Nian in London
5 pictures from a rare event: Professor Yu's visit to London in summer 1998.
7 pictures taken at several workshops in Rommerz near Fulda, Germany.
China Trip 1996
5 pictures from a trip to China with Sifu Lam, his family and students during the summer of 1996.
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