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Welcome to Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung !
Zhan Zhuang is a very effective Chi Kung style which can be practiced by everyone to great benefit.
Master Lam in Jiuzhaigou Master Lam in Jiuzhaigou



New photos from the Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam in June 2008 at the German Moments of Energy pages. (08/08)

Moments of Energy - China Trip 2005, a Foto-DVD for the TV can be obtained from Thomas Apfel at the price of 15 Euro incl. shipment and handling. The DVD contains more than 900 of the best pictures from this year's China trip with Master Lam. (08/05)
  Please visit to find out more about Da Cheng Chuan, the powerful martial arts application of Zhan Zhuang.
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