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Chi Kung: Tai Chi

Tai Chi has evolved through the ages as a highly refined system of exercises and personal development. It consists of a series of slow, continuous movements designed to relax and develop the whole body.

The aim of this carefully structured series of movements is to build up internal strenghth, suppleness, and stamina. Tai Chi exercises the body, soothes the mind and lifts the spirit. It is absorbing but it is not exhausting or stressful. The unique quality of this ancient art is being used increasingly for its health-giving properties. Once learned it is a treasure that will last you a lifetime.

In the past, the art of Tai Chi has been cultivated in China only inside a few families and was transfered almost exclusively from parents to their children. It took until the last century before Tai Chi became open to the public.

Today, Tai Chi is mostly taught as an independent exercise system. However, the classic training in Tai Chi begins with practicing Zhan Zhuang to develop the necessary grounding, power and stability. These qualities form the foundation which is needed to unlock the full potential of Tai Chi, and result in what Master Lam aptly describes as Moving Harmony.

Tai Chi: Moving Harmony

Tai Chi: Moving Harmony

Tai Chi will make you
as strong as a lumberjack,
as supple as a child and
as wise as a sage.

Chinese Saying

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