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Advanced Chi Kung Training
Chi Kung training for advanced students with Sifu Thomas Apfel
Natural Growth

At the beginning, training of Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters focuses on several basic exercises, which can be learned in the foundational course. Essentially, these fundamental exercises include the 6 Yin positions of Zhan Zhuang (Wu Chi and the 5 elements) and the Ba Duan Jin exercises in their simple form.

This foundation in Chi Kung enables independent lifelong practice, which brings great benefits with regular practice.

Students who want to develop themselves further, have many opportunities to grow and strengthen their knowledge and experience. They may become members of the Chi Kung Academy, participate in advanced courses, take private lessons or attend workshops.
Membership in the Chi Kung Academy

Basic knowledge and practical experience of Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters are required for admission to the Chi Kung Academy.

Members can participate in lessons via Zoom twice a week.

Participation in online courses is also included in membership.

An individual 15-minute online session for correcting the students practice is available once a quarter.

And Members also receive discounts for private tuition by Sifu Thomas Apfel and for workshops offered by him.
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Courses for Advanced Students
with Sifu Thomas Apfel

These classes are designed exclusively for Chi Kung practitioners with basic knowledge and practical experience in Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters.

Courses for advanced students include 8 hours of instruction, one hour per week, and take place twice a year via Zoom. Members can take part in these courses at no additional cost.

In the upcoming "Steps of Power" course, we extend the almost motionless Zhan Zhuang training with a new dimension. Steps and movements lead to a significant strengthening of our power.
Movements of Power: Yin, Yang, and Shi Li

This course is dedicated to strengthening our energy through the conscious interplay of Yin and Yang in the movements of Shi Li.

Shi Li is traditionally translated as "Power Testing". Its deeper meaning is Movements of Power. As Master Lam writes in his excellent book "The Way of Power":

"These slow, careful movements take place on one spot. They involve the movement of the whole body and are an indispensable part of the martial arts training. They can also be practiced to develop skillful synchronization of mind and body."

During the course, we're focusing on the health benefits of this highly effective training. Additionally, we're practicing the 5+1 Zhan Zhuang Yang positions, which are a powerful extension of the standard Yin postures.

A detailed discussion of Yin Yang theory and its relevance to Chi Kung training is complementing this course.
Steps of Power: Stillness in Motion

In this course we focus on developing our energy through Tsou Pu, training the legs. This system of power training draws on, and emphasizes an idea which seems puzzling at first sight: stillness in motion.

In his ground-breaking book "Walking Chi Kung" Master Lam explains:

"The essence of Tsou Po demands stability, balance, and flexibility.

In this training you seek a state of inner stillness even when you are in motion.

One needs to be like a cat when practicing steps.

When a cat walks, it is with much pride and confidence. Cats are territorial creatures and know their own ground. Every step they take is full of familiarity and a sense of control. Their steps are also filled with ease. Their movements are relaxed and smooth.

Agile and flexible while walking, cats are extremely quick to react on changing circumstances. Their sharpness is always there - it may be dormant, but is never absent."
Tsou Pu, like Shi Li and Zhan Zhuang, are elements of the larger training system Da Cheng Chuan, a highly effective martial art founded by Grandmaster Wang Xiang Zhai.

In this course we focus on the health aspects of Tsou Pu. We also relate the different forms of exercises to the 5 energies and their positions in Zhan Zhuang.

In addition, we cover "Second Heart", a special form of Tsou Pu training. "Second Heart" training has many uses and is particularly beneficial for the heart.
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If you are interested in training for advanced students with Sifu Thomas Apfel, please write to info@chi‑ and mention your previous experience in Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters.
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