Chi Kung course - Chi Kung in the tradition of the Masters

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Chi Kung course via Zoom
Chi Kung Course via Zoom

8 weeks from 15. April 2021, Thursdays at 18:30 (6:30 p.m.) CET

Learning Chi Kung from the comfort of your home.

Studying with Sifu Thomas Apfel, a teacher in the tradition of the Masters for 23 years.

Getting direct feed-back and answers to your questions.

Taking your internal energy and power to new heights.

Welcome to my Chi Kung course via Zoom !
Sifu Thomas Apfel
Chi Kung training via Zoom

When the Corona crisis began in March, we looked for ways to maintain the Chi Kung training of our local students. In mid-April, we met via Zoom for the first time and it turned out that this way of training is working very well - particularly for the Chi Kung practices of Zhan Zhuang and Ba Duan Jin. Most people find it easier to train together in a group of like-minded people, rather than practicing alone - and it's just more fun.

Based on these good experiences, I'd like to invite you to my entry-level course in our living room.

In the 8 hours of this course, you will learn basic positions of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung and the first 4 exercises of Ba Duan Jin.
Zhan Zhuang: Standing like a tree

"Standing like a tree" is the oldest and most effective form of Chi Kung. Especially in times like these, we can count ourselves lucky to know this effective method that sustainably strengthens our immune system.
Ba Duan Jin: The Eight Noble Exercises

These exercises also have a long tradition and are very popular. They stretch and expand the body and are a blessing, especially for people with a sedentary lifestyle, e.g. working from home.
Course content

The focus of the 8-week entry-level course is hands-on training practice. We'll meet every Thursday at 18:30 (6:30 p.m.) Central European Time (CET). Lessons will take about 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

We will also cover some basic aspects of Chi Kung theory, which is rooted in classical Chinese medicine. And to give you an authentic insight into our tradition, you'll get to see historical film footage, which has never been shown before.

The highlights of what you'll learn are:

The 6 Zhan Zhuang Yin-positions: Wu Chi + 5 elements.

The first 4 Ba Duan Jin exercises in their basic form.

The most common mistake, and how to avoid it.

The 3 most important points for self-correction.

The energetic architecture of the body: the 3 Tan Tians + 3 essential energy points.

As an accompanying book, I recommend the classic by Master Lam "The Way of Energy".

To complement the curriculum, a one-on-one coaching session with me (Sifu Thomas Apfel) is included in the course.

Please note that the exercises, especially Zhan Zhuang, can be physically demanding and strenuous. Participation in the course is at the participants own responsibility.

Upon completion

After completing the course, you'll know how to practice on your own, with a diversified program at your disposal.

If you like to further expand your knowledge and skills, you may also join my Chi Kung Academy then. As a member, you can take part in my weekly Zoom training sessions and in all my Chi Kung courses via Zoom at no extra costs.

In addition, you'll meet the requirements for further training and qualify for reduced membership-prices of our workshops. For example, you'll get a discount of 50,00 EUR for the yearly weekend-workshop with Master Lam.
Registration and technical details
Course fee and registration

The price for the 8-week course is 88 EUR.

The maximum number of new participants is 24.

We anticipate high demand and therefore kindly ask for an early reservation. Please use the contact form below.

Subsequently, you'll receive an email confirming your place and further information.

Your 100 % Guarantee

If you cancel before the start of the second lesson on 22. April, payments already made will be reimbursed in full.
Technical requirements

For this course, we'll use Zoom meetings. These are private video conferences where all participants can see and hear each other.

Therefore, in order to safeguard personal rights, it is forbidden to record video conferences in any form (audio, video).

To participate in the course via Zoom, it is recommended to install the Zoom software on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer beforehand. Registration with Zoom is not necessary.

Furthermore, access to a reliable internet connection should be guaranteed.
Yes, I'd like to take part in the Chi Kung course. Please send me more information.
You'll also receive the Chi Kung newsletter. Thus, you'll never miss any Chi Kung updates. You may cancel the newsletter at any time.
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