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Meister Lam Kam Chuen am Jangtsekiang
When you stand, you are like a tree. You are growing from within.
Master Lam Kam Chuen
"It is rare to find an authentic master of an ancient art. Since the age of 12, Lam Kam Chuen has devoted himself to the internal strengthening and healing of the human body. Since those early days he has studied under masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, embracing a traditional range of studies that includes herbal medicine, the martial arts, the great religious philosophies of Chinese culture, and classical Chinese opera.

He is one of the most highly trained and deeply knowledgeable experts in the art of healing and the study of internal strength currently practicing and teaching in the Western world."
Professor Yu Yong Nian
Master Lam is the author of several groundbreaking books on Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and other Chinese arts. He is well-known for his skill of expressing ancient wisdom in a way which is easily understandable for Western readers.

Please find an overview of his books and videos on the "Publications" page of this website.

In his clinic in London, Master Lam Kam Chuen teaches Chi Kung, Da Cheng Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, Feng Shui and practices Chinese Medicine. He is one of the most knowledgeable Feng Shui consultants of the Western world and advises clients from all over the world.

The Lam Association website provides more information on his works.
As a leading authority, Master Lam is also a well sought-after interview partner and has been on air at BBC and Channel 4. Many articles from him appeared in various health magazines.
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