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Mentimeter Survey Results
Voices of our students
"Excellent workshop!

Master Lam succeeds time and again in ensuring that all participants discover something new and valuable - no matter how long they've been practicing.

Michael de Campos, HR manager, in Munich, Germany: Spontaneous feedback after a Chi Kung Academy workshop with Master Lam
"Standing Like a Tree (Zhan Zhuang) replenishes my energy after a long, strenuous day at work.

The perfect way to enjoy the evening in a relaxed way."
Claudia, speech therapist, Germany
"The beautiful view over the wide lake inspires my training.

Sailing is my passion which is enriched by Chi Kung."
Markus, at the Brombach lake, Germany
"I discovered Chi Kung through my friend Claudia a few years ago.

Through the training, I increased both my physical and mental fitness and balance. It helps me to overcome crises, to stay calm and positive.

The weekly lessons in the group are also a great addition to my daily life.

For this, I thank Sifu Thomas, and of course Master Lam, from the bottom of my heart!"
Andrea Strauss, social education worker, family and couple therapist, in Petersaurach, Germany
"This powerful system is like a tiger.

Sneaking upon the practitioner,
it looks so calm and steady.

Yet so much power is given and returned."
Sheng-Han Yang, in the hills near Manila, The Philippines
"At first I was quite skeptical because I had already tried several other energy systems to no avail. Looking back, I'm glad I gave Chi Kung a chance.

After a few weeks in the foundational course, I was totally surprised how much benefit I get from Chi Kung.

Now I don't want to miss it anymore. I've found the missing jigsaw piece in my life."
Stephanie Burkart, musician and health practitioner at Langeoog, Germany
"I started reading Master Lam's classic 'The Way of Power' a couple of years ago, and then all the rest of his books.

So I was delighted to take Master Lam's workshop via Zoom. And I'm enjoying the online classes with Sifu Thomas twice a week."
Derby Anderson in Southport, Connecticut, USA
"Standing Like a Tree (Zhan Zhuang) helps me to stay centered, even in stressful situations.

On stage, my presence as an actor has improved.”
Tim Kahlhammer, actor from Rorschach, Switzerland
"With great enthusiasm I've been teaching Shudokan, a traditional Japanese martial art, for 35 years.

Sifu Thomas has provided me a wealth of rewarding aspects and new ideas for my practice.

In Zhan Zhuang I realize the essence of martial arts: inner strength, serenity, calmness and grounding.
Christian Bellina, director and founder of the international Shudokan research society, near Klagenfurt, Austria
"Sifu Thomas is a wonderful teacher,
clear and radiant.

The art he’s teaching is profound!”
Richard Levine, writer, director, actor and producer in Los Angeles, California
"Through Sifu Thomas' training, sessions, and with regular practice of Chi Kung, I feel like my practice has truly deepened and reached a much higher level.  

Even my acupuncturist recognized this and told me that I'm significantly healthier now - in comparison to a few years ago when I had not begun Sifu Thomas' training.

Here's an impressive example. Ever since I can remember, I've suffered from chronic allergies and sinusitis.

Now, I do not have these health issues anymore and wake up each morning being able to breathe freely."
Erik Olson Fernandez, Union Representative for Teachers, Sonoma County, California, USA
"Sifu Thomas is an excellent teacher, humorous, precise in his instructions and demonstrations, very good at explaining and showing how it works, didactics and consistent structure of the training sessions.

And it's great that we are such a nice group of students.

I'm already looking forward to our next course."
Dr. Jürgen Weisheit, Business Coach and
Management Consultant, Ludwigshafen
"Much like climbing
mountains, practicing
Chi Kung feels like coming
back home, back to my center."
Betti Bernabe, Managing Partner B-Line Marketing Services, Manila, Philippines
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