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Helga und Bernd
Stillness is the source of power.
Our energy is the key for a healthy and happy life.
Why Chi Kung ?
Chi Kung improves all aspects of our well-being and of our effectiveness.

The personal energy level goes up significantly, the inner power flows freely and our center is strengthened.

Particularly people who are looking for inner power and balance in their fast-paced daily lives benefit tremendously from Chi Kung training.

The positive effects of Chi Kung training are manifold and encompass all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.
Our students are achieving unmistakable results and report benefits such as: strengthened immunity, invigoration of their cardiovascular system, alleviation of allergies, disappearance of pain in the knees and in the back, significant improvement of chronic illnesses, higher levels of daily energy, natural regeneration of the nervous system, improved ability to deal with stress, and a general gain of calmness and power.

As a consequence, in many cases their professional lives are improving as well.

The benefits of Chi Kung training on a regular basis relate to external and internal aspects and have been categorised by Master Lam as follows:

      Healing and Health
To exemplify the many effects please find below some measurable medical results from the category Healing & Health.

Blood tests conducted on Zhan Zhuang practitioners before and after practice sessions show significant increase in the production of white and red blood cells as well as hemoglobin. This means that each and every cell of our body enjoys an increased nourishing supply of oxygen; which in turn results in a higher capacity to fend off germs, bacteria and viruses from our environment.

Studies of brain wave activity show that stress levels, which can severely impair the human immune system, are counteracted by Zhan Zhuang practice, thus boosting the body's resistance to infection.
Bone mineral density (BMD) measurements show that the physiological process which is constantly rebuilding the inner bone structures is stimulated to develop more tissue, thus counteracting osteoporosis.

Electrocardiographic measurements of the cardio-vascular system during Zhan Zhuang training have shown that the heart is beating at a slower pace, but more strongly in the relaxation phases. In advanced Da Cheng Chuan training, the heart rate rises to much higher levels, but without forcing an increase in the respiratory rate. Blood capillaries dilate, allowing a greater volume of oxygenated blood to circulate through the organs and tissues.

Other tests carried out by Professor Yu show a positive impact on the brain and nervous system: quickened response times and a reduction in headaches, migraines, dizziness, nervous tension, insomnia and depression.
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